May 27, 2022

Suzuki enthusiasts

Road, Race & Track Motorcycle Specialists, Circuit Support & in-house Dyno tel: 01296 632009

Dynojet In-House Dyno 

Our in-house Dynojet Dyno – Book your session now to avoid disappointment tel:  01296 632009

Suzuki GSXR1000 & GSXR1000R – direct ECU custom mapping now available on the new L7 / L8 models – we have put in many hours to research and develop our own Race Bike maps.  The extensive knowledge we have gained through our research has been tried and tested, again and again with fantastic results. 

But our dyno can facilitate setting everything up from classic Superbikes to modern Supersport and Superbikes with Power Commanders, Bazzaz or Yoshimura boxes, Power & Fuel Runs, fault finding from low spots to running rich top end, the dyno will pinpoint the exact area that needs attention.

The new Dyno Cell was launched last summer (2018) with a Suzuki Dyno Day and our rolling road is rolling.  Below are some photos of the build in early 2017.



4-Stroke Tuning

MSG Racing’s in-house Port & Polish – pictured Suzuki GSXR 750 K9 race head






We can tune any 4 stroke engine for race or track or liven up your road bike.

With tight budgets, we have built numerous standard cam engines with excellent results.

Good torquey engines with more power and reliability (using stock cams = no added stress to internals, valves, springs etc).

Ride-in ride-out service including full Dyno setup.

All of the engine bulwork is carried out at MSG HQ, you can drop in and see how your engine is built and set up.